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Hi Isabella! What a lovely plugin! :D However, it has some issues with my game (for example, whenever I switch my battlers using Yanfly's Party Switch the pet stays on the field). I was wondering if the licensed (paid) version has unobfuscated code and if that can be edited? :) Thank you so much!

Hi happypoppy, thank you for purchasing the plugin. Have you found a way to solve the issue? 

Hi Isabella, yes, I have! Thanks so much! :D


This plugin looks really cool. Any plans to port it over to RPG Maker MZ?

I think it's already compatible with MZ itself, you can make sure of it by testing with demo version  first

I'm having a glitch with the plug-in, just a simple fix I think.  I messaged you on discord DM.

Thankyou SO MUCH for making this!  I bought it and donated an extra dollar to you.

This is very cute and perfect for my pet game.  :)


OMG!? This is this perfect for a future project I'm currently planning!



Can I share my project with a freelancer so he can work on parts with this asset?

Of course (ノ*゜▽゜*) & thanks for supporting me!

great plugin! i can see myself using this for my game. been looking for this kind of stuffs for a long time.

by the way, do you open for plugin commission?

Thank you ROSDev, it's really great to know that you like  it =)
I do open for plugin commission, you can contact me at

i contacted you via email :)

Wow! I like your works :) Thanks for this great Plugin :)

Thanks Kentaroo! I am glad that you like it =D

Ya. Looks Awesome <3 I could really use it in a project.