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Hi, RPG Maker MV (RPGMV) is the latest one in RPGMaker series, truly very powerful tool for making RPG games.

Talk briefly, Playable characters in game called by Actors and to make them unique you will assign different Class to them. One of the important aspect for Classes is Parameters (HP, ATK, DEF ... ) Although there is a built-in Generator but it's quite limited.

With MV Database Wizard. you can modify Classes' Parameters whatever you want and totally control how they are growing up

So for example if you want Class start at 50 MHP and then increase by 5 for next 9 level, you can use this formula:
{#1|1|50|0|0 #2|10|0|1|lv[1].mhp + 5 * (level - 1)
and then from level 11 - 20 you want Class increase by 10 + random amount + extra amount base on LUK, you will have:
#11|20|0|1|lv[-1].mhp + 10 * (level - 1) + random(3,10) + lv[0].luk * 20/100
and SO ON

Well, the interface is simple, there is 8 boxes that represents for 8 parameters
where you can input your own formula to specific how should the parameter growing.
RUN button - executes Formulas and calculate Parameters
LOAD button - load Classes.json and modify it
FORMULA OVERSET - overwrite default formulas with your custom ones
Apply for Classes from ID x>y - allow you to apply formula to multi Classes at once
HELP? - Show detail instruction how to use the software
Formula's format:
{ #a|b|x|y|formula # a2|b2 ... formula99 #}
a: from level
b: to level
x: base value (base parameter = base value * level)
y: apply formula each y turn
 * special function:
  + random(x,y): return random value from x - y
+ level: return current level
+ lv[x].parameter:
   x = 0 : refer to current level's value
 x < 0 : refer to previous levels (ex: lv[-2] => refer to 2 previous levels' value
x > 1000: refer to next levels (ex: lv[1001] => refer to next level's value
x = 1 to x = 99: refer to that level's value
        ex: lv[0],    lv[2], lv[-5], lv[1099]

Float number is not allowed, so if you need 0.2 use 20/100 instead
NEST PARENTHESES is not allowed ex: (2-(2+3))
You need to hit RUN button before LOAD button to apply Formulas

example usage: (level * lv[0].mhp)*10/100 - (lv[-5].mat + lv11.atk)/(-3+5)
level * lv[1001].atk*10/500 + random(4,6)


if you have too long Formula, while the selected formula box is RED,
you can hit Ctrl+C to copy formula to Clipboard
or Ctrl+V to paste Clipboard into the Box
* Or you can modify formulas inside dff.txt file . Their order is

A scene shot to see how Parameters changed with MV Database Wizard

Software require Internet to Work!


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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