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Hello! Would it be possible to hide some of the stats? I don´t use MDF and LUK in my game^^ And I would like to change the "Press Z or X to continue" text to another language.

Have a nice day^^

That's totally possible. I may add those features soon

I love this plugin but I can't get it to work on my android port. Any idea what could be wrong? It usually doesn't want to load the actor's image that shows on level up, when the game is wrapped in an APK. I can't even disable the image. Bit of a bumer.

Hi, i upload another version of the plugin (master2015hp_OliviaVictoryAddon.js)

In this new version, there is a plugin parameter "Instant Load". If you set it to true, i think it might fix the problem

Deleted 1 year ago

I got your plugin working on android. It seems it was incompatible with this plugin (android):


Oh my, i am glad that you found the solution. I have just checked through the plugin just now and couldn't think of anything why it was like that :D

Hi there!  So, for whatever reason when each character levels up.  It is not displaying the actual skill they just learned but rather a single random skill they already inherited at Level 1.  Please help.  Thank you! 

Hi, thank you for pointing out the problem. Please try  to download the new version of plugin  and replace the old one with it =) remember to refresh/ reinstall for it to take effect

That fixed it!!  Thank you so much and keep up the amazing work! =)


hello. could we set up some time to chat about my RMMV project and what i'm looking for in terms of plugins and possible some graphics? i've looked at your work and i'm impressed. i also viewed your master2015hp profile and equally impressed with the work and reviews. i just can't find what i want and i'm definitely way under-skilled in terms of programming in JS, but still very passionate about what i'm creating. 

Hi dragonx7, of course, i  will be glad to hear about your game. You can send private messages to me   at: master2015hp

Thank you very much! I really appreciate your quick replies. I’ll be sending you a PM sometime tomorrow so allow preparation.