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Strip Card Duel is an RPG game with a plot that escalates with every battle. Players will use cards to duel, battle their way through dungeons, and strip cute girls.

Game Features
There are many cards to collect, companions to befriend, and combat skills to develop. Play the game your way. The Bosses that lurk in the prison’s dungeons are challenging to beat and can’t be overcome by spamming skills.
The overall game time is around of 5-6 hours, with 2 possible ending.

Story Description
Kai Forester wakes in prison with his mind scrubbed of all memories of a past life. Against his will, he is thrust into the ranks of a card game tournament where losing mean being brutally beaten to death.

Should Kai prevail, and defeat Sadista’s champion, he can leave the prison walls forever to make a new life. But when the inmates of the Sadista will use whatever tactics necessary to win, Kai’s future becomes as uncertain as his past.


Kai Forester
Kind-faced man with an average physique who’s woken in Sadista without his memory. His charm entangles him into a relationship with two lovely women that drag him into troublesome situations.

Kai’s original prison instructor. A gentle girl with a cheerful disposition, she stands out amongst the prison’s usual occupants for more than a few reasons.


Kai’s replacement instructor has little in common with Charlotte. Maria is a sexy seductress who speaks her mind to Kai. She ignores Kai’s reluctance for love and believes someday they will belong together.

Operation Method
Confirmation/ investigation:Z/ENTER
Cancel: X/ESC
Full screen mode:F5
Enlarge game window:F6
Hide conversations: Q


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