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There is this girl known as the Red Riding Hood. She has the strength of ten men. This is a completely different story about the familiar fairy-tale character Red Riding Hood. A much darker and twisted version.


"Experience a different version of the Red Riding Hood fairy tale. Explore the ancient Mork forest, overcome traps, uncover secrets, fight evil spirits, ghosts."

Play the role of the famous fairy-tale character Red Riding Hood, help your mother deliver cakes to your grandma, make friend with wild animals. Things that seemed simple suddenly become complicated when Red Riding Hood begin to wonder; those around her, who was telling the truth and who was lying around.


- English
- Vietnamese
- Simplified Chinese (Machine Translation)
- German (MTL)

Install instructions

- Extract rar file
- Run Game.exe


RedRidingHoo-DEMO-26Oct2021.zip 112 MB

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