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About This Game

Following the flow of the story to explore different lands. Make friends with interesting characters, encounter formidable enemies. Collecting rare equipments, building unique characters with a large database of hundred skills and equipments.

Play as Charlotte, a female soldier of the Kingdom of Artolia. One day, a giant dragon appeared and threatened the peaceful life of her kingdom. It's not any dragon, but one of the legendary ones which has a size that is 5 times larger than regular dragons. An extremely tough but also exciting adventure is awaiting for you ahead!

Key Features

- Engaging, dramatic plot
- Rich battle system
- Hundreds of skills & equipments for you to freely customize your characters


This game is currently unavailable


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Really fun system and concept. Once some progression balance is tweaked I'm gonna have to give this one a deep dive!


Thank you!
I just realized that you're the dev of the game Kindred Novel.
I saw it one day by chance, such memorable game (´∇ノ`*)ノ

Video game not available, why?


I'm moving it on to Steam soon :)


Live is pending

Wow, awesome! I'm so excited! Thanks d7!