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hi isabella, Therrao here. tried the licensed version but the comeback point modifier through state isn't working, and also if i put 0 on default comeback time every character still can comeback for some reason.

Hi Therrao, it's fixed, please try again

Can you limit how many timessa person can come back per battle? Maybe modifiable via gear?

Like, each char can "comeback" once per battle, unless they equip a special accessory that allows them to comeback 3x per battle?


Hi DM0X, the plugin has been updated and the function that you asked is now available ❤⃛ヾ(๑❛ ▿ ◠๑ )

Awesome. Being able to define limits on how often a player can "shrug off" death makes the system infinitely more useful and balance-friendly!

I'm interested in buying this.  Can I choose which characters do have this and which characters do not have this?

or does it force all characters to have this ability?

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Currently all characters have this ability, but  i can add  an option so only character(s) who 'd learned skill X can perform it =D that's a nice suggestion, thank you

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Thanks.  I've been using the rpg makers 20 years :)

If you add it let me know and I will buy it, thank you.


Hi Angel Star Studio, i want to let you know that the plugin has been updated to a newer version which include the feature you asked before =)


Thank you!  You are amazing!  I will have to consider you for commissions.