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Hello i made it work. But i want to know if it is possible to make the position of the animation on map, on lock position and doesnt move when the player moves as well.   l

ike for example i want the big monster to stay in front of the tree on the map.


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Hi, it's currently  unavailable. I will try to add that feature when I have time  :)

can you also adjust the scale?

i bought this and having a hard time using it. I did installed dragonbone yep correctly. What folder should i put the .json files or the dragonbone armatures? 

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hi Keidichi, i will upload a demo for you to see soon. It will take sometime, because this plugin will also receive a big update

Hey keidichi, i have upgraded the plugin. Also included a demo this time, you can check it out to see how it work

hello. i thought i could also get the png images? can you help me how to use this with a non animated image?

Hey,  i updated  all the demo, they're  now have example of how static portraits work. You can download new demo and try it out, or check out DragonBone Rigged File.rar to see how did i configure the Dragonbone files if you are not sure how to do it

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Hi Isadomon, thank you for your compliment. It was because many people prefer to use Rpgmaker for making VNgame than using VNMaker. Rpgmaker have bigger community, you find support easier, you can include battle, exploration into your game compare to VNMaker that only focus on textbased. =)

yes, it is true, but i bealive is cleaner

Visual novel maker is also a bit buggy and tends to crash, and takes time to learn.

huh, i didnt knew that part. thanks you a lot fellow