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Hello! I really like the function of the plugin. I want to suggest an extra function. Maybe you know skill like libra or scan. It would be cool to show the enemyinfo only when using one of the above written skills.  And if you want the enemyinfo again, you have to use the skill again.

-Have a nice day^^

Thank for your suggestions.
To do what you  suggested will require another type of approach, but i surely will consider about it

hi there ava!
just tested this plugin and it works great!

was wondering if it's possible to make the weakness/strength unlocked after defeating the enemy? right now the weakness/strength is always visible from the start.

thank you!

Is there a way to customize the info that it shows? For example I only want to show the enemy HP and the text description, but hide the weaknesses. (On a side note I don't understand the weaknesses and where it's pulling that info from.)


Hi there, thank you for purchasing the plugin.  I will upgrade it so that you can customize the info that shows. The weaknesses were element rates of the enemy which has the rate > 100% , while strong, were rates that < 100%

Awesome, thanks! Great work on this so far.  :)


The update is available now, please re-download the file and do a fresh install for the plugin o(≧∇≦o)

Thanks. The toggle function works great! I think there is still a logic bug, because it's rendering the same icon twice for strength and weakness, despite no element being assigned to both redundantly. See attached screenshots.

Oh that's true, sorry, i  fixed that, please try again