A downloadable asset pack

Hi guys,  i first made this animated cute hero for my game here:

But now that project is canceled, so i decide to share it with you.
Though it was made for RpgMaker, it also can be used in
side scrolling and many other cases.
There are 22 premade regular animations that you can use:
- idle/ run/ jump/ land/ sit/ stand/ attack/ throw/ roll ....

Term of use:
* It's FREE for both non-commercial / commercial project
* You need to credit master2015hp in your project and link to this page
* Re-upload/ re-post/ re-sell these files are NOT allowed

Need more characters? You can get these expansion pack for more!
Pack1: https://master2015hp.itch.io/animated-battlers-1

Install instructions

Install for Rpgmaker MV:
- first, you need to install Dragonbone plugin here:
- after that, you can just drop those files into dragonbone folder in your game project

Install for other Game Engine:
- you can just load those exported .png files into your engine =D


actor1.rar 3 MB


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Hey thank you =)  i am glad to hear that