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This is amazingly helpful, thank you so much! Is there perhaps a plugin command I can use to check what language is used? I have some images that need to be translated, and I was thinking having a way to put a conditional branch like "if [language 1] use this image, if [language 2] use this other one" would be incredibly helpful!

I am updating the plugin and will release that feature along with the next updated version. Perhaps in a day or two :)

WONDERFUL! Sounds like I picked the right time to get this plugin hehe :)

I have uploaded the new file just now. Now you can do that checking current language thing. Currently I am  busy  so I can't update the plugin usage instruction. If you don't want to wait, you can try the plugin right now. It's already worked.

Awesome, thank you so much!!!


what if the translated text is longer than the initial one? I mean, if it's too long to fit in the text-box.

Does it create a new text-box? Can we create that new text-box manually?

Hi, this plugin should be used in conjunction with a plugin that support text wrap so that overlong text won't get cut off. For example Yep Message Core: