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Mel's Saga: Demon God's Vessel

tragic story of a nice girl during age of Magic · By Isabella Ava


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Mel's Saga is put on hold temporarily
(*^▽^)/ Hi everyone, thank you for supported and continue supporting Mel's Saga all this time. I want to officially inform that Mel's Saga development...
lovely Gameplay video from Light Of Apollo Gaming
Chris had tried Mel's Saga demo and posted his Gameplay video on his Youtube channel. It was a great video, i loved it, you can watch it here: There are also...
Vampire Nest
The development is progressing steadily. Our heroes are exploring an Underground cave which can be the nest of Vampires. I am trying my best to design game's l...
In Dreamy Forest
The adventure of Mel is continued. She moved to another village, here, Mel has interesting encounters as well get .... abused more extremely by bad people. In t...
Upgraded to ver1.1
The demo has been upgraded to version1.1 Missing graphic problem has been fixed along with few other minor bugs. Please remove old version and download the new...
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Knowing Bugs v1.0
These are the bugs that discovered by people for v1.0 of the game, they will be fixed with a next patch - Character sprite disappeared while picking objects - B...
Mel Saga demo ver 1.0 is on!
After long time of development, finally, today, i proudly to present to you the very first demo of my game: Superhuman Girls. Mel's Saga: Demon God's Vessel Th...
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Please post any bugs that you encountered here
started by Isabella Ava Jul 12, 2019
15 replies
Please post your comments, suggestion and any feedback about the game here ;)
started by Isabella Ava Jul 12, 2019
5 replies
I am considering trying out the game.. looks interesting .. can you tell me if the game ends if you lose a combat ? some...
started by khairus Dec 10, 2019
2 replies
Loved it, really looks lie yugioh forbidden memories! i encountered a bug though but its a demo, cant wait for the full...
started by LightOfApollo Oct 01, 2019
1 reply